Jacob R. Brown

Jacob R. Brown

PhD Candidate in Government

Harvard University

Jacob R. Brown

I am a PhD Candidate in Government at Harvard University studying political behavior in American politics. In particular, I am interested in how political geography and group identity structure political behavior. My dissertation investigates the behavioral consequences of geographic partisan polarization: how living in increasingly homogeneous partisan neighborhoods makes voters more politically engaged, but also more partisan.

Selected Working Papers

The Measurement of Partisan Sorting for 180 Million Voters. (with Ryan Enos). Revised and Resubmitted at Nature Human Behaviour. (Supporting Information).

Cross-ethnic Exposure Predicts Political Behavior Seven Decades Later: Evidence from Linked Administrative Data. (with Ryan Enos, James Feigenbaum, and Shom Mazumder). Under Review. (Supporting Information).

Locked Out of College: When Admissions Bureaucrats Do and Do Not Discriminate. (with Hanno Hilbig). Invited to Revise and Resubmit at the British Journal of Political Science.

The Obama Effect? Race, First-time Voting, and Future Participation. Under Review. (Supporting Information).

Works in Progress

  • Does Partisan Segregation Activate Partisanship?
  • The Causes and Extents of Partisan Segregation in the 21st Century. (with Enrico Cantoni, Ryan Enos, Vincent Pons, and Emilie Sartre).
  • Long-term Effects of Racial Diversity: Evidence from Linked Census and Survey Data. (with Ryan Enos, James Feigenbaum, Shom Mazumder, and Dominic Valentino).
  • The Homeless Voter: How Shelters Make Citizens. (with Michael Zoorob).
  • Priming versus Post-treatment Biases in Experimental Design. (with Matthew Blackwell, Sophie Hill, Kosuke Imai, and Teppei Yamamoto).
  • Capturing Sociopolitical Attitudes without Surveys and Measuring Political Polarization. (with Ryan Enos and Aaron Kaufman).
  • Predicting Subjective Perceptions of Neighborhoods. (with Kosuke Imai and Cory McCartan).
  • Using Public Video Feeds to Understand Social Distancing. (with Soubhik Barari, Bryce Dietrich, Ryan Enos, and Melissa Sands).